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Raj Bajaj

Notary Corporation

We give you many reasons to visit us for your Real Estate transaction, Will, Powers of Attorney or other needs, whether it’s our reliability, honesty, availability or our experience.


Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Raj Notary Corp is that we love what we do and genuinely enjoy helping and advising you to succeed with your transaction or get your affairs in order. It’s the feel-good part of what we do that we enjoy the most. It’s our pleasure to help you with the legalities of buying or selling your home or if we're doing your Wills or Powers of Attorney we're helping you get your affairs in order so you'll feel more relieved in case anything ever happens. We tend to be more available and more affordable than lawyers and BC Notaries are unique in North America, because we can provide non-contentious legal services to the public.

At our firm we care about the community by volunteering and supporting organizations within it. We also like to make sure that we are also approachable. With over many years of experience in the industry, we feel confident with the advice we give. You choose to come to us because we have the experience, as well as the fact that we keep our practice specialized. We do everything regarding Real Estate, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements and, of course, notarizations. At Raj Notary Corporation we work hard to ensure you are satisfied with your experience with us. Your success is our success.

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Chat With Us

Either by phone, email or in person, one of our Notary professionals will talk with you and discuss what your needs are in detail.

Information & Direction


After finding out your needs, we will provide you with direction or information on all your possible options to proceed.

Gathering Details

Once you've decided how you'd like to move forward, we go through forms together and gather the required information.

Official Signatures

You come in to sign everything necessary and make it official. If you're of town you sign with another lawyer or notary.

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